Pirate Costume for Dogs

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Most Successful Swashbuckler in HistoryBlack sails appear on the horizon. In no time, the unknown ship has caught up to the heavy, slow treasure galleon. It hoists its Jolly Roger and the captain barks, “Prepare to be boarded, ye scurvy pups!” In fear and trembling, the merchant vessel’s crew gets ready to put up a fight, but then they get a good glimpse of the captain through the spyglass. “It’s a DOG!” Pandemonium. Everyone is fighting to make sure that the pirate pup can board right away! Product DetailsYour savvy kitty or your freebooting dog will look amazing in this exclusive Pirate Costume for Pets! The outfit is made of soft polyester fleece and slips on over your pet’s front legs. Elastic at the bottom of the chest opening keeps itsnugly in place. It’s designed to make your pet look like he or she is wearing a pair of black pants topped with a slashed brown vest over a cream-colored ruffled shirt. The “sleeves” end in a faux hook and a faux sword. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Milk Pirates are supposed to be fearsome, but this one’s bark is much worse than its bite! Your pet buccaneer is ready to sail the seven seas in search of ships full of puppy treats, tuna snacks, and fancy, squeaky toys to plunder. Not even the Royal Navy will stop them in their quest… unless the Navy knows just the right spot to scratch behind their ears. Then all bets are off.

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