Raggedy Andy Costume for Toddler’s

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Faster than LightningOnce upon a time, a father wanted to entertain his little girl with a bedtime story. He drew a face on an old rag doll, named her Raggedy Anne, and gave her a brother named Raggedy Andy. These two rapscallions joined the little girl on her adventures, coming to life when their humans weren’t looking and causing shenanigans. The father must have taken inspiration for this story straight from his own experience. Any parent knows that their kids have a mystifying ability to get into mischief in the blink of an eye. Look away for one minute, and when you look back, they’re in another place entirely, possibly engaging in something messy or dangerous or both. If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy were just toddlers, not magical dolls at all!Product Details Your child will be too cute for words when he wears his exclusive Raggedy Andy Costume for Toddlers! A sweet red, blue and white checked shirt tucks into a pair of powder-blue shorts with big white buttons. The included black bowtie is a sprightly addition when fastened to the collar. Add the red-and-white striped socks and top the red “yarn” wig with the blue and white cap. Who can resist such a sweetie?You Can’t Resist Him No matter what mischief he gets into, we bet you think your little one is just a-doll-able! Accentuate his adorableness with a Raggedy Andy costume – he might even hold still long enough for you to admire it!

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