Science Nerd Girl’s Costume

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Til butik


Total Cutie PiYour kiddo is gaga for geothermal energy. She’s a whiz at robotics. She flips for physics. And her chemistry sets outnumber her dolls by the dozens. Your little brainiac can’t get enough of the scientific world, and she is ready to show everyone she meets this Halloween just how happy is she is to be a “science nerd!” Cool! We love a gal who knows who she is, what she likes, and who doesn’t apologize for it. That’s why we think this Girl’s Science Nerd Costume is too cute for your brilliant little kiddo. Because pretty soon, she is bound to become a powerful, smart, genius and head some cool engineering firm or design the world’s first water system on the moon. So, better get on her good side now – she’s gonna rule the world someday!Design & DetailsThe irony of this costume is there is truly nothing “nerdy” about it! It’s cool as can be, from the darling details and careful craftsmanship achieved by our fabulous in-house design team. The dress is styled to look like a retro top and pink plaid jumper, complete with a science pun on the front, as well as pleats, a collar, and a matching bow at the neck. Add some super-cool kicks, a pair of too-big glasses, and maybe a beaker or test tube for a fantastically smart look!Science Fair FlairEven after Halloween has passed, your brainiac will find fun ways to wear this look. Maybe she’ll sport it at the science fair to claim her first place ribbon, or to celebrate Pi Day her way!

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