Sequin Dorothy Costume for Girls W/ Dress & Hair Ribbons

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Neverending OzWelp. You did it. You finally introduced your little girl to The Wizard of Oz. And now…you’ve watched the film 14 times in three days. Sure, you could be annoyed. But you remember how it felt when you first watched Munchkinland turn to full color and discovered just how creepy flying monkeys could be. You recall discovering the field of poppies, the cowardly lion, and all those witches as if you watched the movie for the first time yesterday.It seems like your little girl shares your affinity for this classic story, so you may as well get a jump on things. It will only be a matter of days before she’s begging you for this Sequin Dorothy Girl’s Costume. You may as well preorder it during your next viewing. But don’t just give it to her. Make her go on a bit of a journey-a quest, if you will-for it. Hide it in her room and at the end of her adventure, you can have her click her heels and realize that the dress she sought was in her closet the whole time. Nifty, right? Fun DetailsObviously you know what Dorothy’s outfit looks like: blue gingham dress, white shirt, blue hair ribbons. But much like your favorite film, this costume is full of surprises! This look adds sparkle and pizzazz to the classic; the shirt is shiny, the dress dazzles, and we’re guessing whatever pair of ruby slippers you pair it with will shimmer as well. Do you know of any little girls who might like to dress like their favorite film star AND be sparkly at the same time? Yeah, we thought so!Over the RainbowOnce you’ve gifted this garb to your gal, you can both dress up (we know you’ve got a Dorothy costume of your own in a closet somewhere), make popcorn, and enjoy a screening together. Nothing beats the magic of Oz, except sharing it with your sweet girl!

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