Sexy Fox Costume

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Til butik


Well-RoundedThere’s an embarrassment of riches-er, of options, at least, when it comes to costumes. There are sexy costumes that show off what you’ve got. There are fierce costumes that sort of telepathically communicate that no one better approach you about the sexiness. Then, on top of everything else, there are fox costumes, in case you can’t choose between a cat and dog, or between fierce and sexy.FUN DetailsOur Sexy Fox Costume, combining all of the best features of those other kinds of costumes into one pouncy playful orange superoutfit, has all the teeth (and claws) you could want! Inspired by the sleek and furry look of the crafty creature immortalized in modern pop songs and ancient fables worldwide, we’re proud to say that this bright, bushy-tailed bodysuit and hood combo was designed and made by us, right here at! It’s got a zipper in back, faux fur on the chest and hood, and a tail that will steal the show anywhere.Stay FoxyLike your abundance of costume choices, there’s plenty you could choose to do in this foxy get-up. Whether you plan to step out into the woods in search of adventure or curl up in your den to dream away a cold winter’s night, you’ll look and feel as adventurous and cuddly as a real fox when you’re decked out in adorable vulpine attire like this. And since the fox has always had a special place in folklore and the popular imagination, this outfit opens up plenty of fun possibilities for couples costumes. A bunch of tantalizing grapes! A proud rooster! A second fox, so you can live footloose and fancy-free with a friend who’s as fine and foxy as you are! You could even try to find a cute foxhound puppy to be your counterpart! Stay foxy, girl.

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