Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Women’s Costume | Womens Sexy Pirate Costume

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PIRATE ARMOR IS OVER-RATEDIf you pay attention to the common trend of game theory, there has been a long-standing critique about a certain discrepancy between the armor styling of our male versus female warriors. Sure, they’re all rushing into the sword swinging with the same fervor, but while the guys tend to be decked out in metal plates or thick leather from head to toe, the gals tend to be missing certain patches of their armor.We’ve got two theories about why that may be. First, perhaps there has just been a lot of strategic hits, but that seems like pretty poor equipment maintenance and we know that real warriors care for their gear. So, that leads us to conclude that the warrior women like yourself know that a good fight is all about the properly timed moves. Why get burdened down by awkward and awful looking metal armor when you can swish and swashbuckle in style!? FUN DETAILSTime to show the world just how to become the queen of the seven seas. We’re happy to assist you in gearing up with this Women’s Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume. Keep your scurvy dogs at attention with this corset styled top featuring ribbon lacing. The skirt blends in perfectly with a contrasting maroon color scheme and three ruffled tiers and an asymmetrical look. The iconic tricorn hat is of faux suede and offers a white feather to accentuate the epic look. Get yourself a cutlass and the ship and seas will soon be yours!SWASH THOSE BUCKLES AND SECURE YOUR BOOTYThe title of the Queen of the Seven Seas isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a gal with the nerve to crush your enemies and the eagerness to fetch all the pirate treasure. And, looking amazing while you’re doing it only ensures that you’re going to be named in the history books. Make your mark today, Captain!

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