Shark Sweetie Girl’s Costume

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A Shark JumpWhoa! We just had a shark jump out of the water! But. There’s good news. It isn’t anything to get frightened about. We thought perhaps it was a great white shark making its presence known, and we just weren’t ready to face all of those teeth. But, good news, it’s a much more friendly situation. You see, it’s the Shark Sweetie who just popped out of the water!And, of course, she’s not actually a real shark. She’s just all done up in this Girl’s Shark Sweetie Costume! Available exclusively here on HalloweenCostumes.com, we designed this costume to make sure any girl is ready to become a fierce sea predator. Become a totally sweet and adorable predator, that is! She can go to the costume party in style, or have a fierce time stalking the neighborhood for her prey. You know, snacking on candy by hunting for Halloween trick-or-treats!Design & DetailsThis costume comes with a dress and leggings. The dress has a velour top, and a hood attached with plenty of shark facial features. The pink ribbon trim is simply adorable, and the sheer tiered ruffles on the skirt make it a fantastic costume style. The sparkly leggings continue the theme, and we sure didn’t forget the most important part. A shark fin is attached on the back! Get her shark onWe designed this costume right here in our own costume studios, so your girl could get her shark on. But not that in that ferocious ocean predator way. In a sorta adorable way! We’re confident she can be totally fierce yet still adorbs all at the same time. We’re all about costume ambition here at HalloweenCostumes.com, and when your girl is ready to get into the sea, we just gotta get her into this costume!

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