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Ladybug of the HouseYour budding entomologist wants you to know that this is, indubitably, a LADYBUG costume, and not an Asian Lady Beetle costume. This is a very important distinction for your child, because she knows a LOT about bugs and really wants to share her knowledge with the world. Also, because apparently Asian Lady Beetles are an invasive and destructive species, and ladybugs are helpful and lovely, and she wants to make sure you don’t confuse her for the former (which, let’s be honest, is only something someone who thinks a LOT about bugs would do)!Whew! Well, now that she’s got that off her chest and we’re all on the same page-that this is a Girl’s Sweet Ladybug Costume-she can get out there this Halloween and enjoy her look! And what’s not to love? This adorable, exclusive costume is bound to keep her wings flapping from the moment she slips it on until the moment she lands in bed.Design & DetailsThis sweet design marries the markings and colors of your girl’s favorite insect with the fashion-forward style she’s known for. The dress boasts sparkly overtones, structured shoulders, and a frilly, layered skirt. A red polka-dotted bow belt matches the winsome little wings on the back of the dress. Worn over black tights and sparkly shoes, this little getup is about as happy-making as they come. So have fun watching her flit and fly about on Halloween night-proud to be a…you guessed it…ladybug, from head to toe!In With the Insect CrowdNow that she’s decked out in this darling ladybird ensemble, she can hang out with all her enthralling insect friends, like butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and lightning bugs! It’ll make for a buzzworthy Halloween group costume, and folks will actually open their screen doors to let these little bugs in to snatch up candy!

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