Super Mario Bros Kid’s Bowser Jumpsuit Costume

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A Misunderstood HeroIf you can’t stand the thought of Princess Peach running all around the Mushroom Kingdom with that jumping plumber, Mario, then there is only one thing you can do. Rescue her from that so-called hero! Take a note out of Bowser’s book and don’t only take her away to your own castle but make sure you set up a good line of defense to ensure those meddling Super Mario Bros don’t follow.Some may call it kidnapping the princess, but they just don’t understand. Luckily all of your henchmen and minions will fully support you. You’ll have waves of Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Piranha Plants at your disposal. They’ll gladly do all they can to slow down Mario as he makes his way to your castle. Then all you’ll need to ensure your success is this Super Mario Bros Child Bowser Jumpsuit.Product DetailsThis costume will come with everything you need to transform into the mighty King Koopa. The jumpsuit has hook & loop fastener down the front center, making this costume easy to toss on. The front of the costume is designed to look like the belly side of Bowser’s shell. There are black arm bands, wrist bands, and a collar printed onto the costume. Like Bowser’s they too are all designed with 3D spikes.On the backside of this jumpsuit, a spiked green turtle shell is stuffed and attaches with hook & loop fastener. Bowser’s spiky tail is also stuffed and sewn onto the back of the costume. The last part of this costume is the hood. It has been designed with perfect videogame accuracy. It is designed to comfortably and securely fit on top of your head.

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