Sweet Sloth Girl’s Costume

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Til butik


Rainforest RunwayLet’s be real: Sloths are the best. They know the importance of stopping to smell the roses. They’re never in a hurry. They proudly own their right to sleep in a tree all day. In reality, though, sloths aren’t lazy at all. They just move extra slowly so that we can admire their style! Big ringed eyes, fashionably long nails, fur that changes color depending on their environment: Most humans can only dream of looking as good as sloths do.Fortunately, a friendly sloth was willing to lend her expertise to create an outfit as cute as the real deal. Our staff zoologist travelled to the rainforest to take notes on Sloth Cuteness 101. Subjects included Slow Smiles, Eyelash Fluttering, Sweet Stretching, and more. We’re pleased to say that our specialist received top marks on her final exam and brought all of her knowledge back to us.Product DescriptionYou’ll be even more adorable than your run-of-the-mill rainforest sloth when you wear this Girls Sweet Sloth costume! The outfit’s short-sleeved top is a soft grey with the cutest white spot on the front – cutting-edge color contrast that the sloths perfected long before fashion designers began to use it. The attached skirt has a grey liner beneath puffy grey tulle layers that are perfect for twirling. A lovely pink bow accents the waistline. Top it off with the furry sleeveless vest. It has an attached hood featuring a smiling sloth face. A matching pink bow adorns the head. Add the furry fingerless gloves complete with well-groomed white claws, slip on your favorite pair of pink shoes, and your transformation is complete!Sl-o-o-ow SupermodelThe zoo is no place for you – the runway is where you really belong! Strut your stuff in your Sweet Sloth costume and bask in the compliments you’ll receive on your style!

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