The Princess & The Frog Deluxe Tiana Girls Costume

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Almost There As a hardworking gal with big dreams of owning a New Orleans restaurant someday, you’ve already kissed a lot of frogs in your professional life (so to speak). But the biggest surprise of all is when you kissed a real frog and learned that magic really DOES exist! Now you and your frog buddy (who is kind of cute, even if he’s often annoying) are on the run from a sinister voodoo man and his friends from the other side. If you can learn to work together with each other and your new alligator and firefly pals, you can break the spell, defeat the evil magic, and finally become human again. Is it difficult? Sure! But you’re your parents’ brave daughter: You eat difficult for breakfast! Product DetailsYou won’t have to dig a little deeper to find the perfect costume this year, because the answer is right in front of you! This officially licensed Girls The Princess & The Frog Deluxe Tiana Costume is as beautiful as a wish come true and is sure to thrill fans of the classic Disney fairy tale. The sleeveless green dress has a soft, velvety bodice embellished by an asymmetrical neckline and decorated with gold rickrack and mesh trim shaped like leaves. A big green and yellow flower with a plastic cameo of Tiana is fastened at the waistline. The full skirt has layer upon layer of poufy bellow, white and green fabric. If You Do Your Best Each Day, Good Things Are Sure to Come Your Way You don’t need magic to make your dreams come true, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Find your fairy tale when you wear this lovely Princess & the Frog-inspired gown.

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