Tiger kostume til pige

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It’s Great!Tigers are just plain awesome. Their beautiful, unique coat is immediately recognizable around the world, they have some of the coolest eyes of any animal, and they are top-tier predators to boot. And besides being one of the most powerful, largest cats on Earth, they are still so cute and cuddly looking! Is there anything they can’t do?The answer is yes. They can not do anything requiring opposable thumbs. They have a very hard time trying to use scissors, write with a pencil, and turn a door knob. A tiger at a tea party is just a mess waiting to happen, not to mention that they so rarely bother to learn the proper etiquette. If only there were a way to combine all the things you love about tigers with all the best parts of being human…Looking Paw-someWell, now there is! This Girl’s Tigerrr Costume includes a dress with the beautiful, regal pattern of the amazing tiger. Its tail affords you the extra balance that helps tigers run, climb, and swim with such perfect feline grace. The camouflage helps give you that fabled cat-like stealth. The only thing left for you to do is to practice your growl and grow some claws!Don’t Get SpottedStealth is key to any tiger’s hunting strategy, but we can’t promise that you won’t be spotted in this striped tiger costume. Your child will feel like a powerful furry friend in this costume, while also enjoying the cute and comfortable dress with its tail.

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