Toddler Girl’s Sailor Moon Costume

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A Little Hero in the MakingIn the early 90s, a collective human wish was granted. We wanted adorable characters. We wanted flashy magic. We wanted cool female superheroes. And, oh, did we want cats to be involved in the process, too!? Soon, we were blessed with a Pretty Guardian, Sailor Moon. Better yet, we could all imagine the same thing happening to us! All it took was an open heart, a hope for good, a splash of color, and a magical trinket that would transform us into our true form!Now, Sailor Moon has had a ton of different retellings over the years, but she’ll always be the curious, slightly awkward, and big-hearted hero that inspired us from the very beginning. Now, it is time for the newest youngster to take up the mantle. All we need is the perfect kiddo to say the magical words! Have anyone in mind who could help? Design & DetailsIt’s time to help a little one in your life reveal her destiny with this officially licensed Toddler Sailor Moon Costume. This is a Made by Us design put together in our own studios by a team that seriously loves this series. We’ve got the same fond memories of twirling around while getting dressed up and pretending that the transforming light show is going on. (We highly recommend some flashlights and ribbon to help make the process magical!) This ensemble includes the white and blue dress, featuring the sailor collar and red bow covering up a front zipper. The gloves, choker, and tiara complete the Sailor Moon transformation (though we also carry glossy boots to give it that final kick). In the Name of the Moon!Once your girl has transformed into the iconic Sailor Moon, she’ll be ready to save the world from the Negaverse. Or, more likely, she’ll be looking great while thinking about the snacks that she’ll be earning. (All in the name of the Moon, of course.)

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