Werewolf Men’s Costume Hat

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The Moon RisesCan you feel it? The air is getting crisp. Howls erupt in the woods as There is unrest in the woods. Each night, the moon creeps closer and closer to being a full moon…Oh, wait a second. Are you just a human? Well then, you won’t be transforming into a werewolf. Us boring ol’ humans don’t have to worry about that! But, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could transform into a classic horror movie creature? We think so, and that’s why we crafted this werewolf accessory. It’s perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or any instance where you want to have a howlin’ good time!Fun DetailsNo full moon necessary for this Werewolf Costume Hat! Our costume designers studied all sorts of classic werewolf horror movies to get inspired for this piece, and they incorporated some scary style into the hat while still making it comfy to wear all night long.The adult-sized piece helps you indulge in your lycanthrope instincts because it’s covered in a layer of thick, faux fur material. The fur has a realistic blend of grey, brown, and black fur to help you look like a real wolf! The top of the hood has a pair of pointed wolf ears on it, and the interior has a size-adjuster in the back, so one size will fit most adults.Level Up Your Werewolf HatOf course, you can’t make a full transformation with just a hat! This Werewolf Hat is a great start to your costume, but we recommend pairing this up with some extra werewolf accessories to take your look to the next level. You can pair it up with some of our makeup kits or a pair of werewolf gloves if you want to take this whole werewolf business seriously!

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