Winter Warrior Girls Costume

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Braving the Winter of the NorthWe’re from Minnesota. You know, that cold place filled with snow and lakes. Well, we know what it takes to survive the harsh winters. You must have a steely resolve to endure the below zero temperatures. You must have unshakable courage to brave the flurries of snow. You must have a fierce and unstoppable heart to win the battle against nature! Yes, you must be like a medieval warrior who fears nothing to make it through winter…. or at least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves to feel better about living in the wintery north! If your child has a true heart of the warrior and she’s ready to fight for the good people of the north, then we have the perfect outfit for her! This Girl’s Winter Warrior Costume is a Renaissance-inspired costume that will help your child become a brave fighter, capable of conquering any enemy!Design & DetailsThis girl’s costume is an exclusive, Made By Us design that was crafted by our expert costume designers. They wanted to create a look that captures the intense look of those who grow up in the cold north! The costume starts with a brown, faux leather jacket, with lace along the sleeves and shoulder to give it an authentic, Medieval style. The skirt is made out of a faux fur and cloth, to give it a patchwork look. The black, faux leather belt is fully adjustable and cinches around the waist. Finally, the cape completes the look and has the same patchwork style as the skirt. Put it all together and your girl gets a look that’s ready to defend the north from any enemy!To Battle… or the Renaissance Fair!If your girl is fierce enough to stand with the north, then she’s ready for this outfit. Just make sure you equip her with a toy sword before you send her off to the Renaissance festival in this costume.

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