Wolf Girl Costume for Girls

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Wolfing AroundJust about all of the best stories out there are set in a world of mystical wonder and great beasts that wander the lands. At any moment, a young lady could be whisked away from her comfy home and set down the path of an amazing adventure, filled with knights, dragons, warlocks, and maybe even something scarier! Of course, with the right kind of training and equipment, any would-be wolf warrior will be ready to win over the world!Now, it takes a pretty brave gal to set out on her own to bring the story to a solid conclusion. Whether she’s running to the Renaissance festival or heading to a convention, ready to cosplay a character that really had a way of making her point, the first step is getting the right gear. Don’t waste time talking to the local blacksmiths. They’re too busy playing the game of trying to appease the weirdos on the throne. All you need to do is look to our in-house design team!Design & DetailsHelp your tyke become an epic adventurer with an exclusive look that combines traditional clothing style with a touch of fantasy! This Wolf Girl costume is a Made by Us design that’s great for any trip to the Renaissance Faire or the cosplay competition. The top is designed to look like a blouse with a brown tunic which features laces in front for fitting and brown accents in the front. It also comes with matching brown pants. Finally, the belt is made out of faux leather material and comes with a metal hoop to adjust the fit. It all comes together for a look that’s ready for a Lady of the wintery land or a future warrior of the world.Ready for a RenaissanceIf your girl needs an outfit that will set her apart from the rest, this Wolf Girl is just for her. A simple design and classic look make it easy to customize for any occasion! Boost the look with a needle-thin sword and your girl will be telling danger to pick another day!

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