Women’s Sexy Sunflower Princess Costume

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Oopsy DaisyBeing a klutz is such a hassle sometimes! You always wanted to be prim and graceful like your peachy-perfect sister, but it just wasn’t in the cards for you. Ever since you were kids, you have known that you just weren’t made of the same stuff. Your royal retainers, servants, cousins, and even your parents all told you that she was so much demurer than you!That’s when you decided to prove them wrong. You decided that you would go to the next ball and blow them all away with your sophistication. You practiced with a dance instructor for weeks on end, and finally you were ready for the big night. You walked in the ballroom and down the stairs without tripping (for the first time), and were greeted with many approving nods and looks. You had done it! You celebrated with yourself so much as you walked across the floor that you forgot to watch where you were going, and you slipped right into the giant ice sculpture of your sister. That’s when you decided to hire that creepy lizard…Not Mushroom LeftOnce your pink princess sister was out of the way, it was all too easy for you to assume control of the castle! Which meant that you needed a new wardrobe. That’s when you ordered this Sexy Sunflower Princess Women’s Costume from your head toad-ler. It has all the features that made your old costume recognizable, along with the collar and crown that you deserved! It’s good to be princess.Star of the BallIf you are looking for a pretty flowery princess costume to wear as you betray your sister and lead to her abduction by an enormous lizard, then this is the costume for you! It is pretty and flowery, all the better to show off your beauty and grace!

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