Zombie Claw Adult Gloves

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Don’t Get Too Close What do you think, Doctor? Has the zombie apocalypse started, or is this just a weird kind of virus? The patient is moaning something about brains, and just tried to eat a nurse. Oh, and they’re starting to rot. That seems to indicate more of an “apocalypse” than a “food poisoning” situation, right? Product DetailsScare the uninfected humans silly when you wear a pair of Zombie Claw Gloves for Adults! The realistic gloves slide on easily and are painted to look like a set of wrinkly, veined hands with skin that’s an unpleasant shade of rotten yellow. Each finger ends in a blunt black claw. Hunting Time Catch a tasty human or two this Halloween! Parties make great hunting grounds – if only your prey would stand still long enough for you to grab them. It’s hard to be effective when you can’t move faster than a shuffle.

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