7-Inch White Pumpkin with Gold Spiders Halloween Decoration

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Fancy ThatIs it possible for spiders to somehow be…fancy? You rarely see a tarantula wearing a bow tie. Or a black widow in evening wear. Or a brown recluse wearing diamonds. And how do you set the scene for an eerie, yet upscale, Halloween party, anyway?This White Pumpkin with Gold Spiders may just do the trick. It’s a daring decor piece that manages to walk the line between fine dining and fright fest, between canapes and creepy crawlies. What a fun space you’re creating! We’re picturing the highest-end costumes covered in opulent faux fur, strewn with sequins, and magnificent masks. We’re imagining candelabra chandeliers, elite vampires in attendance, and punch bowls made of crystal, with witchy spiced brews filled to the brim. Grab a dozen of these beautiful pumpkins and set the scene for a Halloween bash that somehow proves that spiders can be fancy!Product DetailsThis darling and only slightly eerie decor piece measures 7 inches and features an unexpected Halloween hue-bone-white-as a base. Realistic ridges and a golden, twisted stem give interest to this pumpkin, while skillfully placed golden spiders can be seen scaling the sides. It’s an unforgettable detail that will add to your already unforgettable night!

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