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The Common ThreadWhat do laces on a football, a dolphin, a Super Bowl ring, and a crazy pet detective all have in common? Ace Ventura – that’s what! This kooky pet detective is an iconic character that you’d have a hard time forgetting, no matter how hard you try!All-righty then! This Ace Ventura Costume is pretty eccentric, so you better have the wacky personality to back it up. Start rehearsing your Jim Carrey facial expressions in the mirror because contorting your face is going to take major practice. Plus, you don’t want to look like a ‘loo-hoo-ser-her” at the party so let the Jim Carrey rehearsals begin. Chances are, there’s not a kidnapped Bottlenose Dolphin to be found, but there’s always a neighborhood dog missing! Find Fido…pronto!Design & DetailsThis Ace Ventura costume contains everything you need to get the party started as this iconic character. The Ace Ventura look starts with the eccentric button-down shirt. The shirt also has a pocket on the front left side. The pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit, but it also has three belt loops to house the faux leather belt with gold buckle. You won’t have to go to a hair stylist this Halloween because this costume comes with a synthetic brown wig that’s styled just like Ace Ventura’s hair in the hilarious movie. Add a fun toy parrot and you’ll be ready for a night on the town and crime solving – just beware of any ex-football players who may be out to get you!The Right Outfit for the JobWhether you decide to solve the latest mystery on the block involving the next-door neighbor’s hamster, or you just want a really good excuse to make funny faces, this Ace Ventura costume is the perfect outfit for the job!

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