Bad Blood Girl’s Costume

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Til butik



castle vladPlanning on a family vacation to Transylvania? Before you pack your bags and head out to find the historic vampire sites, we think it might be a good idea if your girl got a taste of what it’s like to be one. No blood sucking required for this fun costumed experiment!product detailsThe Girl’s Bad Blood Costume includes a red and black tank top and leggings combo, a dark and sinister coatdress, and a red belt to tie it all together. Pair those items with some similarly sinister dark makeup and some fangs to really take your vampiric vibes to a new levelvampiric vibesAs you’re busy booking the hotel and updating passports and making a list of all the best late night cafes to visit, your kiddo can get all dolled up in this Girl’s Bad Blood Costume-the look of a true vampire queen. She can walk up and down your long staircase very slowly (once night has fallen, of course), admiring the feeling of this fierce dress as it trails behind her. How great that your little girl can put on this costume on and just pretend to be a vampire so that she doesn’t make the full transformation into a Nosferatu overseas (we hear the paperwork is really a bureaucratic headache).

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