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CHEESE, PLEASE! There is no food more marvelous than cheese. Think about it. It’s the one food guaranteed to make all other foods taste better. Slap a few slices of cheese onto plain white bread, set it on the stove, flip it a few times and BAM, you’ve got grilled cheese. Place a cheese hunk in the microwave for a couple minutes and it’s magically become a dip, perfect for chips. Grate it over sauce-covered macaroni for an added dose of yumminess. (The cheese possibilities are basically endless!)Mice are the only creatures on the planet more cheese-obsessed than your daughter. They’ve been raving about the benefits of cheese since, well the beginning of time. If your little girl rather gobble down a whole package of mozzarella string cheese than pig out on sweets, then our cute mouse costume is a prime costume choice. The exclusive ensemble transforms little ladies into life-sized rodents. Alright, we’re aware that sounds slightly creepy but this costume is anything but creepy. It’s adorable and your cheese-fanatic will love it more than deli-style sliced gouda! (Okay, we can’t guarantee that. Deli-style sliced gouda is pretty amazing…)DESIGN & DETAILS A Made By Us design, our team of designers made sure this costume contained darling details and also included all the mouse-must-have’s needed to become a little gray rodent. The grey skater-style dress features sparkly long-sleeves, a faux-fur collar, a tail in back, a pink bow and a matching double ribbon along the hemline. The included footless leggings are sparkly, matching the sleeves of the dress. The fingerless gloves have interior pink paws to match the mouse-ear headband. The fabric-covered headband is comfortable and completes the ensemble perfectly.SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF CHEESEComplete the mouse-metamorphosis by drawing a nose and whiskers on her face with a black makeup pencil. Pick up the foam cheese block accessory to get the exact look pictured here and we hope your candy pale is filled with an absurd amount of string cheese sticks.

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