Day of the Dead Girl’s Poncho Costume

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DAY OF THE DEAD SUPERHEROFor years, we have come to understand that the cape is what makes the hero. We’ve got a caped crusader who is running around gothic towns, keeping the baddies in line while protecting the innocents. We’ve got a flying superdude with the ability to take down anything from robots to aliens to super-genius megalomaniacs. But, we’ve still got two problems. First, that cape is pretty unwieldy and doesn’t do much for style. Second, neither of them is particularly great against elements of the supernatural realm! We need someone who can deal with quelling the spirits of the realm beyond who also has a style that cannot be matched! Fortunately, the Day of the Dead offers us an answer to both of those issues in one amazing look. Take that tired old cape and turn it into an amazing wrap and coat in one that is both cool and warm as you need… all the while being as stylish as clothing can be! It is time for a Super Poncho!DESIGN & DETAILSUnite the amazing mystique of the Day of the Dead with some pretty kicking super style with this Girl’s Day of the Dead Poncho. This look is a Made by Us style that was put together by our in-house team of epic designers. It includes a bright poncho with black fringe and stripes of every color under the rainbow… not to mention a pretty stellar sugar skull on the front! The costume includes a pair of skeleton-printed pants and a shirt. COLORFUL POWERSMatch bright colors with the macabre and you’ve got a Day of the Dead celebratory look that we’re all dying for. Fortunately, your kid is going to look fantastic in this outfit… but nothing will compare to the bright smile on your child’s face.

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