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The Mystique of MimkyuHey, got a little Pokémon fan who loves the mysterious and adorable Mimikyu? This Girls Deluxe Mimikyu Costume is just the thing for her! It’s not just any outfit-it’s a little piece of the Pokémon universe, perfect for transforming any young girl into the iconic character from the video game and anime series. The costume comes with everything she needs to start her journey of the beloved Pokémon!Product DetailsThis outfit is super cute, starting with a polyester dress that’s all frills with its satin and tulle layers, glittery to catch the light and eyes alike. The star of the show is the minky tunic. It’s got these awesome embroidered details, like Mimikyu’s eyes and little rags, and even a cute tail on the back.The hood has these squishy ears and the sad-cute eyes that Mimikyu is known for. A belt wraps it all together, easy to fasten with a hook and loop, and don’t forget the soft, slide-on crushed velvet gloves that complete the look. Just a heads-up, though-when it’s time to clean, stick to hand washing this one to keep Mimikyu looking its ghostly best!Ghostly Charm at PlayImagine the fun she’ll have trick-or-treating or just hanging out with friends in this getup. It’s perfect for any young video game fan looking to bring a bit of game magic into the real world. Be sure to check out our entire line of Pokémon costumes to get the whole family involved with the adventure!

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