Fantasy Dragon Child’s Costume

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Knights and DragonsIt’s a mix, really. When you tell kids that you’re taking them to the Renaissance Fair, kids usually fall into two groups. Some kids out there want to become a knight. You know the deal. They want to gallop across the land on their horse, wielding some kind of legendary sword. They want to save the princess, slay the dragon, and become the hero of the kingdom. Other kids? Well, they want something a little bit different…Some other kids want to hoard treasure chest packed to the brim with gold. Some kids want to kidnap the princess and terrorize the villagers. Some kids want to burn the kingdom down with their fire breath! They want to set up shop in a dark cave as they wait for some foolish knight to come to challenge them. Yes, some kids are more of a dragon than a knight. Perhaps it’s time you indulged in your child’s dream of becoming a dreadful dragon! It’s time for him to become the villain of the classic fantasy tales.Design & DetailsThis child dragon costume helps your child transform into the classic creature from all the classic fantasy tales! It comes with a full body jumpsuit with attached wings. The exterior has a scaly print that looks like real dragon skin. The attached tail has a line of soft spikes along the top, to help your child look like one vicious creature. It fits quite simply with a zipper in front, letting your child dress up in just a few minutes, while keeping him cozy during a night of trick or treating! The final piece to the costume is the headpiece, which fits on your child’s head with ease. It has a menacing pair of eyes designed into the top, along with horns and jagged-looking teeth.Keep Your Dragon in Check!Great for the Renaissance Festival, or for terrorizing the neighborhood, this exclusive costume certainly brings out all of your child’s dragon qualities! You can even dress up as a knight to help keep your new dragon in-check!

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