Girls Brave Merida Classic Costume

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Straight ShooterDoes your little one know how to speak for herself? Does she love the feeling of wind in her hair and the freedom to choose to do what she wants? That’s what Princess Merida is all about! sure, it can be frustrating when you have such a strong-minded child on your hand. Sometimes it’s hard to explain why she can’t go off on her own or why she needs to learn to clean her room for her own good. But when you see that determined look in her eye when she’s learning something new, you’re reminded what that stubborn nature is for. Your little princess knows how to rule. And in the end, she’ll fight for her family and herself, even if that means going head to head with a tough ol’ bear (we’re not talking about you, mom!).Product DetailsThis blue dress will make your little one feel just like Merida, although it’s much more comfortable than the dress she wore to the arrow challenge ceremony. The top is a soft velvet-like material. It’s trimmed with a ruffle on the shoulder, gold braiding, and a criss-cross pattern down the front. Merida is featured on a jewel at the neck. A golden braid with a bow in the middle and elastic on the back trims the fluffy tulle skirt keeping the dress comfortable as well as princess-worthy. A Celtic pattern decorates the hem of the skirt, making your little one ready for Scottish highland adventures. Grin and Bear ItDoes your little one want to have a wild adventure? She’ll be ready to follow the sprites and save her mother when you pair this dress with a red Merida wig and a bow and arrow. Whether she’s trick-or-treating as her favorite princess or playing pretend, she’s sure to love taking on this Brave role. Just be sure and use caution if she offers you a tart after an argument.

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