Girl’s Chocolate Factory Worker Costume Dress

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Sweet TreatWho better to make chocolate than you? You’re sweet as can be, with a personality more sparkling than a rock candy lollipop. Everyone knows that chocolate is infused with the character of the person who makes it, which is why the factory where you work produces the most magical, compelling treats in the world. It’s no secret that you also have the best original ideas for chocolate bar flavors. Milk Chocolate Gummy Bear, for one. Peanut Putter Potato Chip Dark Chocolate. Jelly Bean and Marshmallow Swirl. Delicious! Product DetailsNo candy looks more amazing than you in your Chocolate Factory Worker Costume for Girls! The white skirt with its oversized buttons and suspenders is as crisp and fresh as a bar of gourmet white chocolate. The brown shirt with its brown-and-white-striped detail is inspired by a scrumptious cocoa-dusted truffle. Matching brown-and-white tights protect your legs while you stir a giant vat of caramel filling, and white gloves let you handle each hand-painted lollipop with care. The final touch is a pair of shoe puffs that add a sweetly playful touch to the whole outfit! Candy Forever!Do you know what the best thing about your job is? You are in charge of making the candy, so you can infuse it with vitamins to make it even better for you than broccoli! Your friends will cheer when you prove that chocolate for dinner is the best idea ever. That’s the kind of innovative thinking we like to see.

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