Girl’s Dr. Seuss Cindy Lou Who Dress Costume | How the Grinch Stole Christmas Costumes

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A Kid at ChristmasGetting ready for Christmas is tough when there’s a grouch green Grinch on the loose, trying to sabotage all of your hard work and preparations. They won’t be able to dampen your little one’s holiday spirit when she’s dressed in this cheerful exclusive Cindy Lou Who Costume, even if they take all of the roast beast, too!To be honest, it’s hard to keep any little tykes from being excited for the holidays. With all of the joyful decorations, yummy foods to feast on, and colorful presents to open, there’s just too much to look forward to! Not having a merry time is nearly impossible! But if the Grinch starts going around the village, stealing all the ornaments, treats, and gifts, then Christmas morning may just seem like any other chilly snowy day to the poor little children of the village. It’s a good thing that your little one has so much holiday spirit that if she runs into that sinister old grouch, she can show them the true meaning of Christmas, and save the festivities for everyone!Design & DetailsWe’ve designed this cute Dr. Seuss Christmas Girl costume to show off your little girl’s love for the holidays, so there can be no doubt about who the merriest kid in the village is! The gingham pattern dress looks festively adorable with any color of tights and shoes you add, especially red and white, to match the soft, warm look of the hooded cape. Check out the matching wig we’ve created to go with this dress, and your Christmas girl will embody the very essence of the holiday!A Change of HeartIf your child needs a look that helps her express her tried and true Christmas spirit, then this adorable Cindy Lou Who costume is an easy choice for the holiday season. Even green grouches will have a change of heart when they see her!

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