Girl’s Elf on the Shelf Toddler Costume

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Naughty or NiceBeing Santa’s helper is definitely one of the best jobs in the world. You get to wake up whenever you want, have a nice long breakfast of hot chocolate and candy canes, and then mosey on over to your shelf to hang out all day. When you are done with your shift (which is whenever you want), you can just take naps or hang out.But some of Santa’s elves on the shelf take advantage of their easygoing boss to get into all kinds of mischief! They move around in the house and hide, or they get into the cookies and treats, or worse! Some of them even try to open the kids’ presents before the big day. It usually doesn’t take long for these bad apples to get put on the naughty list, and Santa has very strict rules about that!Cute as a ButtonThis Girls Elf on the Shelf Toddler Costume is the perfect way to be Santa’s helper this year! The red color with the white snowflake-themed neckline is the perfect way to bring the holidays into your attire. The gloves and hat are comfortably stable, not to mention perfect for those trips to the North Pole and back! You’ll love the soft and cozy feeling of this costume.Let It SnowIf you are looking for the perfect elf on the shelf costume for your child, then this is the right place for you. You will bring the joy of the season whenever you carry your child around in this cute costume!

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