Girls Freak Show Ringmistress Costume

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Some girls just have a knack for showmanship! Rather than play a board game, or sit around for a video game, they’d rather break out a bullhorn and set off some fireworks. They’d rather construct a giant arena, where they can put on a crazy show, where she can put her teddy bears against one another in an amazing rumble, like no one has ever seen! Those kinds of girls just won’t be happy being all dressed up like a princess. Those girls want something with a little more flair… something that has a bit of an edge.It’s time to get your girl that perfect costume that has enough flair to keep your girl in command of the show at all times. This girls ringmistress costume allows your little girl to have a look that’s a real showstopper. With a burgundy top and a striped skirt, your girl will be ready to harness her newfound look to strut her stuff in a domed arena of an apocalyptic world, or as the leader of a crazy circus act. It’s certainly the kind of outfit for any girl who has a lot of moxie!This costume comes with most of what she needs to get the look, since it even comes with the hat headband and a pair of spats. Be sure to accessorize this costume with a few of our great circus accessories. To achieve the look in the image, all you’ll need is a set of black and white makeup, a pair of black boots and a cane.

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