Girls Silver Movie Star Costume

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“Listen here doll face, you have the look that we’ve been searching for! We’re going to put you in the movies. You’ll be the next Hollywood sensation and just as popular as Shirley Temple. You better believe that we’re going to make a big star out of you!” Well, did you hear that? Congratulations, you’ve got what all the studio executives and Hollywood agents are looking for. You’ve got that pizzazz and award-winning smile that will make you stand out on the silver screen. You’ll easily become a household name overnight because you have the right personality and features that will skyrocket you to stardom. You better start learning your lines because we’ve set up a big audition for you tomorrow for the leading role in the highly anticipated movie set to be released next summer. We also have you booked with some of the biggest celebrity stylists. If you’re going to walk the red carpet at all the premieres and brush shoulders with other movie stars, you’ll need a stylish wardrobe to set you a part from the others. Remember, when you see the flashing lights of the cameras, smile as big as you can! If your little diva in training is destined to be in the movies, she’ll love pretending to be a famous actress. This silver movie star costume is a great way for your little one to look and feel famous. The floor-length gown is full of silver sequins so she’ll sparkle and shine while she strikes a pose. The black belt with the glimmering rhinestones compliment the faux-fur stole that will lavishly drape off her shoulder. Finally, the elbow-length gloves give off an old Hollywood vibe that will make your little girl feel glamorous. However, she may need to take them off while she’s busy signing autographs for all her “fans!”

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