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Guardian of TreasuresIn fairy tales, gnomes live deep in mountains to keep their treasures safe. Jewels and coins are counted and sorted. Each valued piece only shared with those truly deserving of its riches. The gnomes know how much it all is worth, because they crafted so much of it, or dug it out of the ground at least. And to cross a gnome by taking what isn’t yours is a danger most would avoid.At your home, gnomes are a fairy tale and garden decoration. But each Halloween it seems a gnome from the legends occupies your living room. Your child builds a mountain out of their trick-or-treating haul. They guard the pile as they sort and value each sweet that was gathered; deciding which candy is best and worse. Your child determines whether any is worth sharing or if they’ll keep everything to nibble for a snack. Usually, you’ll be offered a small box of jellybeans or an odd caramel, but you know better than to interrupt their routine. Any movement that could seem like a sneaky attempt to grab an abandoned lollipop turns your sweetie into something a bit sour and much less likely to share.Design and DetailsGive your child the outfit to match their gnomish Halloween act with this Garden Gnome Girl’s Costume! The Made by Us ensemble comes with all the pieces your kiddo will need to turn into their fairy tale familiar. A white, peasant-style blouse starts the look with ruffled hemlines and red rick rack ribbon. A floor-length dress features a red skirt attached to a blue bodice with shoe-lacing and a printed floral pattern. A toadstool-printed apron ties around the waist. Polish off the sweet look with the included felt hat that no gnome would be caught without.Gnome Sweet GnomeAfter sorting all their candy and enjoying a chocolate or two, you’re welcome to request an audience with your sweet gnome. Will your child spare a fruit chew or one of your favorite candy bars? In this exclusive costume, we’re sure they’ll be feeling the charm of their fairy tale origins and would love nothing more than to share a few pieces of their treasure!

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