Kid’s Classic George Pig Costume | Peppa Pig Costumes

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By George, You’ve Got It!Peppa Pig fans will be thrilled to see little George coming around their house to trick or treat! Whether your family is opting for a full group costume, or your little one simply identifies with young George-as a fellow dinosaur enthusiast-Peppa’s sweet and doting little brother, this Kid’s Classic George Pig Costume is a cute and timeless pick!Trust us, there will be no crying fountains of tears when your child slips into this look. Unless, of course, they are actually tears of joy! Having long wanted to join the Pig family (and really, who doesn’t? It’s a nice life they live), your child will jump at the chance to transform into their favorite character and bring George to life this Halloween. Product DetailsSimple and sweet, just like George, this costume doesn’t make things overly complicated or hard to wear. Nope, this is a simple set, including a blue velour t-shirt, emblazoned with “Peppa Pig” on the pocket, so there is no mistake. The detachable tail can affix right to the back of the shirt! The character headpiece secures under the chin and helps complete the human-to-porcine transformation. Don’t worry, your little one will be back to form as soon as the candy is collected and accounted for at the end of the night.Dine-saw or BustMake sure you set your child up for costume success with a doy or stuffed dinosaur to carry, alongside their trick-or-treating bag. It doesn’t come with this look, but that dino is something George is rarely is seen without.

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