Lightning Ninja Girl’s Costume

220,00 kr.

Til butik


Spark of HopeThe Ninja dojo that you were given to at the age of one has been your home for all the last five years. Yu have trained with the masters there all that time and you are now the greatest Lightning Ninja ever to cross the threshold of that hallowed ground. Your sensei has assured you that you are ready, but now you have to face your future for yourself. It is time to emerge.Heading out into the night, there are monsters everywhere! There are vampires, werewolves, ghosts and scary clowns intermixed with superheroes, police officers, sports players and other Ninjas. But there are none like you. AS they all compete for candy, you flit from house to house in perfect control of your body. You are dark and silent as shadow, but fast as lightning. Even though you got a late start trick-or-treating this year, you still have hope that your training will see you through the challenge.Lightning ReflexesIf your child is looking for the lightning swift movements needed to snatch up candy, then this Girl’s Lightning Ninja Costume (and copious training) will help them get it! The black jumpsuit fits snugly to reduce the sound of your movement, while the yellow stripes give additional camouflage. They will move like greased lightning that has been trained for stealth!Blessing in DisguiseFinding the perfect lightning ninja costume can be arduous, but you can rest assured that your work is over. This costume fits well and comfortably all night and will really make your child feel like they are a ninja. Just be careful that they don’t sneak up on you and steal your thunder!

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