Little Piggy Costume for Toddlers

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Brick Wins, Every Time! Welcome to Three Piggie’s Hardware Store! Are you planning on building a home? We have a lot of experience. To your left, you’ll see our straw house collection. Though it fits almost every budget out there, we don’t recommend using this material in windy areas or places with any amount of wolves. Now, right before your eyes, you’ll see our materials for building stick houses. Now, a stick house might be unstable but it has a shabby chic aesthetic that’s popular with the masses. It is not, however, wolf proof. Oh, you don’t want to be a big bad wolf snack. Well then, follow us this way to our brick section. We don’t ever want to assume anything but we have to say, after our infamous wolf story, brick wins every time!There are a lot of great stories about pigs. Despite their muddy reputations, piggies are among the most charming of all farm animals. Now, perhaps it’s because of their curly tails. Perhaps it’s because of their soft little oinks. And maybe it’s because of their soft, pink skin. No matter the reason, rocking a pig costume on Halloween will always be a hit!Details & DesignThis Made by Us costume is the perfect look for a group costume. The overalls have a pocket on the bib with interchangeable patterns of brick, sticks, and straw to let your kid choose which character from the tale they want to be. The overalls also have a charming piggy tail on the back. The costume also has a hooded pink sweatshirt with hooves that can be pulled over your kid’s hands. Pink boot covers slip over whatever shoes are most comfortable.Blow the House DownOh no! We don’t mean literally. We just mean that this costume will be so delightful that your friends, family, and neighbors will want to raise the roof. No huffing and puffing required!

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