Pink Astronaut Costume for Girls

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Til butik


Dazzling New UniformHave you ever wondered why NASA uniforms are usually white? White seems so ordinary! Shouldn’t the coolest job on planet Earth have some kind of flashy outfit… like a brilliant bright pink color?Well, as it turns out, NASA chooses white for their astronaut uniforms because white reflects heat better than other colors. This helps keep the astronaut from getting too hot while working outside of their spacecraft. The white suits are also easier to see in the empty black vacuum of space. So, maybe we won’t see real NASA astronauts wearing pink any time soon, but at least your little one can wear a flashy suit when she puts this Girl’s Pink Astronaut Costume on!Product DetailsThis child NASA astronaut costume is inspired by the ones worn by real NASA astronauts. Of course, this one takes the liberty of adding an eye-catching pink color. It might not be practical when heading out into outer space, but it does add a splash of color to any costume party. The jumpsuit has an elastic waistband and a zipper in the front, making it easy for any child to change into. The attached belt fastens with a buckle at the waist. The suit has pockets on the legs and sleeves, so your little astronaut can carry a few essentials that they might need when they venture out into space! Finally, the costume comes with a baseball cap that comes in a matching pink color. Once your child is all suited up, she’ll be ready for her next space mission!The Great Space ExplorerIf your child dreams of blasting off to outer space, then encourage the dream! Get them this astronaut costume kids and you may even be inspired the next great space explorer of the next generation.

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