Princess Bride Rodent of Unusual Size Costume for Toddlers

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Most Feared in the Fire Swamp Our brave heroes have fought their way to the top of the Cliffs of Insanity. They’ve vanquished Inigo Montoya’s sword, Fezzik’s strength, and Vizzini’s Sicilian cunning. So far, they’ve even managed to survive a tumble down an uncomfortably tall hill and have stayed one step ahead of Prince Humperdink’s pursuing forces. Now one more challenge awaits them before they are safely onboard their pirate ship. The biggest threat of all lurks deep in the Fire Swamp’s shadows. No, it isn’t the flame spurts or the lightning sand – we’re talking about the R.O.U.S! It’s not inconcievable to survive one, but it’s unlikely – unless you’re the Dread Pirate Roberts! Product DetailsBelieve it or not, they DO exist! This hilarious Princess Bride Rodent of Unusual Size Toddler Costume is perfect for fans of the classic fairytale movie. The exclusive costume includes a sleeveless bubble suit made of brown, long-pile faux fur that looks just like the coat of one of the Fire Swamp’s oversized rats (but it’s a lot softer and less snarly to touch!) An attached hood has embroidered facial features and felt teeth and a fiberfilled snout are sewn above the face opening. A long, creepy-looking fiberfilled tail swishes from the bubble suit’s seat. The matching faux fur foot covers have vinyl claws sewn above the toes and secure over your feet with elastic bands. Watch out, Westley! Your toddler will love reenacting scenes from The Princess Bride and making up her own adventures! Plus, you’ll get a kick out of his or her costume everytime you see it. Everyone wins!

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