Renaissance Queen for Girls Costume

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TALE OF THE AZURE QUEENOnce upon a time, there was a wise fairy who lived alone, living in a vast castle. While she could conjure up all sorts of things to keep herself entertained, such curious creations only lasted so long. She eventually got bored because everything she created only came out of her own mind, so conversations went rather flat fairly quickly! (Hard to really surprise yourself when you already know everything you are going to say!)But, everything changed when she found a child who had just the creative spunk and commanding attitude to keep her on her toes! In all her time, it was the first moment that the fairy thought she wouldn’t mind giving up some of that magic to make both of their lives filled with wonder. And, so it came that the young one was gifted with a royal blue gown and a crown with which to rule! Soon all came to know the Azure Queen and the happiest fairy ever.DESIGN & DETAILSYou won’t need fairy magic to treat your little one like the queen she is, though. Our designers have been personally trained by house elves and woodland pixies and have crafted this Renaissance Queen Costume out of the highest quality materials just for your little monarch. This dress is an elegant full-length gown styled to look like a light blue shift and cerulean overdress. The bodice has gold ribbon crisscrossed to imitate lacing and matching trim throughout. The shoulders are poofy and the sleeves have an oversized layer. The stuffed velvet crown matches the gown and has a golden chiffon veil. Your little queen is going to look lovely! FINISH THE TALEAll stories end with a line about living happily ever after, but sometimes you just want there to be more stories told! Live out the tale of the Azure Queen and see what wonderful times are yet to be had with this Renaissance Queen Costume.

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