Robin Hood Costume for Girls

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Rebel with a CauseNot every rebel needs a cause. They disobey the natural order for no real reason at all! Just ask James Dean about that one! But your girl, she’s different. She wants to right the wrongs of the world! She wants to fight against all of the evil “Sheriff Nottinghams” of the world. She wants to steal from the rich and give to the poor. But, most importantly, she wants a good reason to carry around a bow and arrow with her when she dresses up at her next costume party. Well, your girl may just be ready to become the hero that the poor and downtrodden need! With this Girls Robin Hood Costume, your girl can assume the role of the legendary thief and archer!Design & DetailsOur costume designers love the legend of Robin Hood! After all, he was the perfect example of an outlaw who breaks the rules for all of the right reasons. They studied classic illustrations of the character and tried to capture the look, while also adding modern sensibilities to create this Girl’s Robin Hood Costume. The costume comes with a white top, with a faux leather corset with a lace-up front. The belt comes with a small, faux leather quiver to help your young rebel carry some spare arrows (or her phone if she’s taking a break from winning archery competitions). The included gauntlets are also made out of faux leather material to continue the Medieval style. The forest green leggings complement the faux leather style of the rest of the outfit and the included hood adds the finishing touch to the costume!Hitting the TargetIf your child is ready to rebel against tyranny, or if she just wants a look that will hit the mark at her next costume, then our Robin Hood Costume for girls is right on target!

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