Sea Siren Girl’s Costume

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Seas The DayDaydreamers are powerful people. While the rest of us schmucks are stuck turning to our phones or a newspaper while we wait around, daydreamers are able to escape! They might even be grateful for the time to stare into space and explore their inner minds. Your daydreamer might spend some time exploring the rain forest as an elusive Amazon fairy. Or she might fly through rainbow clouds on a Pegasus. But if she’s like other daydreamers, then exploring the seas as a mermaid princess is an exciting retreat to return to again and again.When your kid is playing mermaid, there’s always a new underwater adventure! Secret coves rich with ferns and waterfalls, sunken ships full of pirate treasure, pods of friendly dolphins with mischief on their minds. Who knows what’s next when your kiddo is busy imagining her nautical mermaid lifestyle? Design & DetailsThis elegant Made By Us Mermaid Costume will give you a little insight into your kiddo’s internal mermaid dramas. Designed by our in-house creative team to be worn for dress-up long after the Halloween candy is gone, this gown is sure to be a treasured part of your child’s costume wardrobe. The stretchy fabric zips up the back for smooth changing. A tulle tail makes for great twirl-factor while the sequins are real show stoppers. Top this look off with a nautical crown, and your little one will be ready to make a splash. Pod GoalsWhat is a group of mermaids called? A peck, a party? A gaggle? A pod, like dolphins? Ah, well, whatever you call it, dressing up a whole crew of folks as mermaids will make any occasion stupendously magical. We have sizes and styles for everyone in your family or friend group. Whether your child is dressing up alone or with a pod, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time watching your kiddos daydreams come to life!

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