Sweet Fox Costume for Girls | Animal Costume

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Do you sometimes catch your kid saving some of her treats and burying them in her room? Does she eat pretty much anything she can get her hands on? Does she like to pounce on her unsuspecting siblings? Does she enjoy her alone time? Does she yelp with glee while frolicking through the woods? Well, guess what? It’s not a kid you have on your hands, but a kit! A fox kit, that is! This Sweet Girls Fox Costume, then, seems a clever choice for your little wild one. She can stay cozy on a chilly evening prowling the neighborhood for candy, and maybe put a bit more trick in her trick-or-treating. She gets to feel girly and sly in this animal-themed costume, and you get to rest easy now that you finally understand some of her more…unconventional…behaviors.But this costume isn’t pulling the wool over your eyes, it really is as cute and cuddly as it looks! The velour dress has faux-fur edging and a big ole’ hood with fun pom poms, and the fur boot covers keep her warm and in character. Naturally, your fox will need a tail, so this costume has a stuffed fur tail with a plastic hook that fastens to an elastic loop at back of waistband. Voila! She may not be your little girl anymore, but we think you’ll love her even more when you hear her best fox sounds!

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