Toddler Word Girl Costume

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The Wonder of WordsPoor Word Girl. She’s always so busy. She and her monkey never seem to catch a break. They’ll be responsible, getting homework done, doing chores all while expecting to have a free Saturday morning to do fun kid stuff. And then something wild happens. The Butcher will be robbing the grocery store. Or Dr. Two Brains shows up in the town square with a cheese laser. There’s just so much to do. But with the power of a witty vocabulary and a can-do attitude, Word Girl always seems to have a good time. Whether she’s zapping Energy Monster back into his place or using her diplomatic charms on the nuts-for-knitting Granny May. Since Word Girl’s life is so busy, she could probably use a helper to free up her afternoons. Lucky for her, you just might happen to have a Word Girl fan at home who would be happy to put on the crime-fighting uniform!Design & DetailsThis fully licensed Word Girl costume is sure to delight fans of the show. The jumpsuit is stretchy and fitted, making it comfortable for playing out heroic encounters with Dr. Two Brains. A bright yellow cape attaches to the shoulders while the headpiece secures under the chin with a hook and loop strip. Polish this look off with the soft belt and your child will feel like she just jumped out of her favorite show! Word UpIf your child’s vocabulary is expanding every day, what better way to celebrate than letting her dress up as the smartest superhero around? While your toddler might be a little young to play Scrabble, listen to her weave new words into everyday conversation is always exciting. So go ahead and order this costume and while you’re waiting for it to arrive, you might as well watch Word Girl with your kiddo. After all, you’re going to need to keep up!

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