Wreck It Ralph 2 Deluxe Vanellope Costume for Girls

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Never Gonna Let You DownHaving a best friend who gets you is the most wonderful thing in the world. You two can hang out together after the arcade closes and the games are quiet, or you can try to make each others’ lives more exciting by journeying through the arcade’s WiFi router and exploring the internet! Who knows what could happen out there on the world wide web? You might find the perfect part to repair a broken game and save its charactes, meet some Disney princesses, or even discover a new game that has the exact mix of adrenaline and excitement that you’ve been craving. Even if it’s hard, you and your best friend will support each other through all kinds of adventures and always encourage you to follow your dreams. That’s what friends are for! Product Details You’ll have to be careful with this officially licensed Girls Wreck It Ralph 2 Deluxe Vanellope Costume: It’s so cute that posting a picture of it online could break the internet! The seafoam-green hooded pullover sweatshirt has a red cord and trimmings. It pairs perfectly with the two-tiered skirt that looks a little like your favorite peanut butter and chocolate treat. One leg of the stretch-knit leggings has a single white stripe, while the other is detailed with white and purple. The matching wig gives you Vanellope’s high ponytail with candy embellishments! Life in the Fast LaneThis costume is perfect for fans of Wreck-It Ralph’s fiesty heroine! Whether you’re cruising through Sugar Rush or zipping down Slaughter Race’s track, you’ll always be one of the best drivers around.

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