Dark Skeleton Girl’s Mermaid Costume

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Deadly BeautyWhat’s that slithering beneath the waves? It looks like a human maiden, but with a jagged, raggedy tail. Fascinated sailors crowd the ship’s sides. Here and there, they spot a flash of fin or a glimmer white as bone. Beware! One man, jostled by the throng, lets out a cry as he falls into the sea. His friends gasp in terror as he is dragged into the inky depths! This is no ordinary mermaid. It is a beautiful yet grisly undead sea princess!Product DescriptionNo one can resist your haunting, horrifying siren powers when you wear your Girls’ Dark Skeleton Mermaid Costume! A night-black mermaid dress hugs your legs and flares into fins on either side of your knees. Your bony skeleton is visible for all to see, imprinted over shiny fish scales. Once, when a fishing trawler tried to give chase, you tore loose the net they used to entrap you and ate all of the fishermen. You then used the net as a shawl, securing it around your fingers with elastic loops. Your elbow-length fingerless gloves are the last word in zombie-fish elegance. Your victims’ last breath will be used to gasp at your sinister loveliness!Swim at Your Own RiskDespite the danger, sailors still pine for a glimpse of this chillingly gorgeous mermaid monster. Legend has it that the kiss of true love will break the curse that binds her in her man-eating state. No one has been brave enough to try, but that’s just fine. We think this sinister siren seems to like her life the way it is.

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