Little Mermaid Live Action Child Ariel Costume

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I Wanna Be Where the People AreBeing the princess of a beautiful underwater world is fantastic – or at least it used to be. Ever since you discovered the fascinating human world, you’re drawn to it despite your dad’s warnings and rules. You just can’t resist learning everything there is to know about snarfblats, dinglehoppers, and all the other gadgets and gizmos you collect from sunken ships with the help of your pal Flounder. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be part of that world! Product Details”Under the sea” looks good on you, thanks to this officially licensed Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel Costume for Children! The beautiful sleeveless dress fastens up the back and features a pastel purple bodice decorated with a shiny blue inset. A white mesh ruffle rings the waistline, dipping down slightly in the front. The dress’s mermaid-style skirt gently skims your upper legs before flaring out into ruffles. The outer layer is made of iridescent, scale-patterned fabric, while the ruffles are composed of sea-green tulle. A white mesh “fin” is sewn to the back of the dress. Charming and CourageousYou’re facing a lot of obstacles in your journey to reunite with Prince Eric. It’s not as though your own friends understand your interest, and the Sea Witch is bound and determined to stop you in your quest. Thank goodness you have plenty of moxie and lots of cleverness to boot. Just wait and see what magical things will happen when you follow your heart and chase your dreams onto dry land!

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