Magical Unicorn Costume for Girls

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One of a KindYour little girl really is one of a kind, huh? She eats mustard on her hamburgers, enjoys the taste of orange juice after brushing her teeth, and thinks the smell of skunk is “nice.” Those are all pretty rare qualities. You could almost say they are…mythical. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you don’t see too many kinds that like those kinds of things. And so, what we’re thinking is that you need to pick up this great Girls Magical Uniform Costume to make sure she, and everyone else, just how cool and unique of a person she is.Not only will your kiddo be inspired to keep exploring the things that make her unique in this awesome look, but she’ll know just how cool it is to be different and stand out from the crowd. Who wants to be the girl that thinks skunks are gross just like every other kid on the block? Not her, that’s for sure. So let her celebrate that individuality in this dreamy outfit.Fun DetailsThis fun and energetic look is perfect for standing out from the rest of her grade. The jumpsuit is secured with a front zipper and has bright colored spots printed on it. On the back of the suit is a faux fur tail (you can’t have a unicorn without a tail). The hood has a faux fur mane, soft-sculpted ears, and the quintessential unicorn horn that makes it instantly recognizable and unmissable. Finally, to complete the look, metallic silver “hoofs” are sewn to the wrist and ankle cuffs. It’s as stunning a costume as it is cozy. And you don’t find that every day either.A Word to WiseIt’s notoriously difficult to limit the freedom and self-determination of a unicorn. Once you give this outfit to your little girl, you might find it hard to discourage her from exploring any avenue that catches her interest. So, just make sure you’re cool with all forms of creative expression, because you never know what might come up next!

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