Rena Rouge kostume pige

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Tell-Tail SignYou always knew that you were destined to get into capers throughout the city of Paris in some kind of animal-themed costume, you just never knew which one. Running to and fro in the chicken coop, trying to nab those fowl birds, you felt like you were almost onto something. Then one day, as you jumped into the air to dive headfirst into a rabbit hole, you figured it out!You wanted to be an eagle! That most noble bird! You would fly through the skies as you got into hijinks like a wily fox. Wait a second! That’s it! You should have known, considering the large, reddish-brown tail that you’d been carrying around for so long, but hey, better late than never. At least you figured out why you have fur instead of feathers, not to mention those large fuzzy ears!Looking FoxyIf you don’t think you look enough like a fox to make a convincing Rena Rouge, then this Miraculous Ladybug Girls Rena Rouge Costume will be the perfect thing for you. The orange, white, and black jumpsuit has hook & loop fastener in back and fits snugly, to give you that perfectly roguish flair that you need to be the best Rena Rouge. The mask and ears give you the vulpine features that complete the look.Go Fur It!If your child wants to dress up as her favorite fox from Miraculous Ladybug, then this is the Rena Rouge costume that you have been looking for. You are just a little way away from all the Parisian mischief you can manage, just put this on and let the costume work its magic!

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