Pink Pig Kid’s Costume

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Oinks Upon a TimeWe’ve heard a lot of fairy tales about pigs. You know, there’s the song about the pigs that go to the market and go “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home. There’s also the tale about a trio of pigs who end up in a bit of a disagreement with a big bad wolf. The whole thing ends in some major property damages! Well, we think it’s about to add another story to the ranks of the pig tales.This new tale has your little one in the starring role! Yes, with this Kid’s Pink Pig Costume, your child can start a brand new fairy tale as one adorable piglet!Design & DetailsOur costume designers created this pig costume to help your little one look just like a little oinker from the farm! The costume comes with a pink bodysuit with a curly tail in the back. The mitts look like hooves and fit over your child’s hands. The matching foot covers fit over most pairs of shoes, so your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this outfit. Of course, finishing the whole look off is the headpiece! The headpiece is shaped like a pig’s face and features a strap under the chin. The headpiece has a pair of ears on top and cartoonish eyes in front. When your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to play the next big pig in a fairy tale!Hap-Pigly Ever AfterWant to put on your own rendition of The Three Little Pigs? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! This Made by Us costume brings a cute pig style to any play. Your child will be ready to stand up to the big bad wolf in no time! They’ll have a storybook ending in no time!

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