Pokémon Jigglypuff Girl’s Costume

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Lullaby ReadyUnfortunately, Jigglypuff never gets the praise it desperately craves. No wonder: its voice has a knack for lulling everyone into a deep slumber! It doesn’t help that its lullaby always seems to knock folks unconscious at the most inopportune times. Ash, Brock, and Misty, even Team Rocket all have been knocked out by Jigglypuff’s lovely tunes.Luckily, your kid’s beautiful songs won’t put people to sleep. This cute Girls Pokémon Jigglypuff Costume will let your little one sing songs to everyone at any occasion. She’ll get all the adoration and applause she deserves for her amazing talent — unlike the Jigglypuff in the anime. No need to go to the Kanto region and find an expert Pokémon stylist. Design & DetailsWe’ve got you covered with this officially licensed pink dress costume including short puffed tulle sleeves, a velour bodice, a sewn-in ribbon waist sash, and a satin skirt with a tulle overlay covered with glittery music notes. Cute pink ears and Jigglypuff’s signature forehead curl are sewn to the fabric covering the plastic headband, while the toy microphone is made out of cardboard. It will be sturdy enough to make it through plenty of award-winning performances.Show-stopperDress your child up as the adorable singing Pokémon with this cute Jigglypuff Costume; we know she’ll put on a show the neighborhood will never forget. Just be prepared for all of her adoring fans to line up — in our other Pokémon costumes, perhaps! — asking for selfies and maybe a quick autograph!

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