Prairie Pioneer Girl’s Costume

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Simple SolutionYour gal told you in no uncertain terms that for Halloween, she wants her costume to take her back to simpler times. So you got her a retro 50s poodle skirt costume. “No, simpler than that!” she responded. So you brought her home a fabulous roaring 20s flapper frock! “Warmer, but I mean even simpler than that, too!” she responded.Gather up this Girl’s Prairie Pioneer Costume, and your historically-minded little miss can enjoy getting back (way back!) to nature with the feel of the open trail beneath her freshly cobbled boots. Not only that, but everything about this costume screams rugged adventure, one with danger, bravery, determination, skill, and good ole’ fashioned campfires, trail songs, and yes, a few rivers to ford along the way. You can dress the whole family up as a wagon-full of hopeful pioneers, or she can navigate the neighborhood on her own this Halloween, hunting for the best sustenance (read: candy) while you all tend the fire and oxen back at camp. Here’s hoping she collects enough to keep you all going until you make it to the next trading post!Design & DetailsJust look at the detail on this Girl’s Pioneer Costume-they just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Except…we do! We did! The exclusive dress features long sleeves to keep the night chill off her, as well as a long, muted calico skirt with a ruffled hem. There is a rose-colored bow at the collar and a ruffle down the center of the bodice. A simple apron makes this look appropriately utilitarian, while the calico bonnet will keep her braids in place even during the windiest of travel days.Little TrailblazerThis costume makes for a unique appearance on Halloween, but your girl has always blazed her own path! Her grit, determination, and optimism would have been a perfect fit for the pioneering days-maybe that’s why she can’t wait to relive them!

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